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Washing Pillow Sheets

The importance of regularly cleaning your pillow sheets cannot be overstated. One of the reasons pillow sheets should always be clean is that the sheets and beddings can become a prime target for critters like dust mites if the pillow sheets are not cleaned properly and frequently enough. Besides, regular cleaning of pillow sheets will remove any stains, odors, and dirt, thus, making the sleeping environment comfortable.

If you often wake up with a stuffy nose, it might be your pillow sheets. Skin cells you shed and dust mites accumulate in bed sheets, and can affect everyone- even those that think they do not have allergies. Therefore, it is imperative to wash your sheets more often if you cannot breathe.

But pillow sheets do not just need regular cleaning; the cleaning should be proper; otherwise, you will ruin your pillow sheets. Virtually all pillow sheets come with care labels that direct you on how to wash them. The ideal way of cleaning your pillow sheets depends on the kind of material used to construct the sheets.

satin bed sheets

Tips for washing satin pillow sheets

  • Due to their delicate weave, satin pillow sheets should be hand washed or washed on the delicate cycle of the washer. You should always use cold water to wash and rinse as well as a gentle detergent.
  • If you are hand washing, do not twist or wring the satin fabric. You should gently swish through the cleaning and then rinse with water.
  • Satin pillow sheets should not be dried on high heat. They should either be hung to dry or tumbled on low heat. You ought to remove them the dryer when they are slightly damp so that they may air dry. They always want to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • If you must iron, then iron on a low to medium heat setting on the inner side of the fabric, and, remember to use a pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron.


Tips on cleaning linen pillow sheets

  • Linen fibers are weaker than cotton when wet and are prone to abrasion, thus, should be cleaned with a lot of care.
  • Before washing linen pillow sheets, check the manufacturer’s care label first for the recommended method of cleaning. When cleaning washable linen sheets, turn them inside out before you wash so as to prevent the surface fibers from breaking.
  • Before you wash the linen pillow sheets, make sure to treat the stains first before cleaning.

Tips on washing flannel sheets

Flannel sheets should be dried and cleaned separately and they can deposit lint on other cloths or items. When drying, dry on lower temperature settings and take care not to over-dry as that will cause wrinkles to set and the colors to fade.

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