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Washing Bed Sheets Often

bed sheetsBed sheets are naturally soiled just by being used each and every day. This is a major reason why they should be changed regularly. According to a major poll, the average person tends to change their bed sheets between one’s a week and once a month. Unless there may be issues of cleanliness, illness, or allergies, we strongly suggest that you change them at least once a week. It is not that sheets that should be changed but anything that is considered betting should be cleaned frequently.

Primary Cause

It doesn’t matter if you are clean or not, your bed sheets will still accumulate soil through daily use. This will come from sweat, drool, or other bodily fluids that may secrete through the night. The buildup of oils and sweat may not only be uncomfortable, but also cause the growth of bacteria. Humans are shedding skin cells all throughout the day and when this happens at night, your sheets will attract dust mites because it is their primary source of food. If you’re one of those people who enjoy eating in bed then this also a good reason to change her she’s frequently. It goes without saying that eating in bed raises the chances of attracting insects.. If you are a pet owner, then there is a high possibility that your cat or dog may have laid on your bed at least once.

Our healthy tip to use have several bed sheets on hand so you are able to wash them all at the same time. The same would go for pillow covers as sweat and get skin tends to build up on a pillow cover quicker than that sheets.


Unless your bed sheets are made out of fragile material such as silk, then you should always wash them in hot water. This is because water that is 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit is mandatory in order to kill the bacteria and dust mites. It must be known that hot water has the ability to shorten the lifespan of sheets. Comforters are best used as covers such as duvets because it will give you more time to use them before they need to be cleaned. If you have issues putting your thick comforters into the washer then we would recommend that you switch to lighter comforters or get them professionally cleaned. When it comes to pillows, it is recommended to wash them at least once or twice a year. We would recommend that you wash it every four months to be on the safe side. Be sure to properly dry out your pillows before you place them back on your bed in order to avoid mold.

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