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Solid Wood vs Particle Board

Particle wood is made to look like real wood and especially when covered by wood veneer finish, which masks the guts. However, despite emulating real wood in appearance, its strengths and weaknesses are different from that of real wood. It is used as an affordable option to the expensive wood furniture due to its appearance resemblance to that of real wood. Nevertheless, despite its close resemblance and affordability, it should not be an outright choice for your furniture. Before making the decision, you must consider how it will be used and conditions which it will be subjected to. You must also consider its strengths and weaknesses to that of real wood. Both of these types of wood are found in captain’s beds as well as loft beds. You will notice the price difference between the materials quite easily with solid wood being more than twice as expensive.

solid wood captains bedSolid Wood

It is important to note that furniture made from quality wood with inlays, carved details and beautiful grains has a remarkable décor that is unmatched by even the close resembling particle board furnishings. When the furniture is made by hard wood such as maple, it is sturdy and durable. Real wood designs can also be adjusted to accommodate modifications such as repositioning or even sawing legs down, which is impossible with particle board. Solid wood sturdiness can be improved by certain designs such as dovetailed joints while particle board pieces are jointed together by glue, screws or staples.

Solid Wood Dilemmas

Furniture made from rare solid wood such as European beach, burled maple or ebony is very expensive. Furthermore, products made from one big piece of wood may warp over time as most woods expand and contract under different humidity conditions.

particle board captains bed

Particle Board

One of the reasons why particle board furniture remains popular among homes is its affordability aspect. However, it is also important to note that furniture made from particle board will not warp, expand or contract as long as the laminate finish is still intact. It is also reasonably durable and will not dent as easily as soft wood under normal use. You can also paint the board to match your home décor.

Particle Board Dilemmas

When closely compared with wood, the differences are noticeable. Furniture made from particle boards may also feature other flimsy materials in the hidden places such as the back and bottom of a drawer. You should also note that when veneer or laminate peels away, the exposed part might start to crumble. Furthermore, it is more susceptible to damage. If the base of the furniture gets wet and laminate is damaged, the board will absorb water and end up expanding several times its original size. When damaged to that extent, it is not repairable. It is also important to note that a shelf made by particle board is brittle enough that it can snap.

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