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Safety Rails Guide

Safety Rail for Captains BedCaptain’s beds and Loft beds may typically be at a higher level than a normal bed. Sometimes, a head board is often attached, and sometimes a foot board as well. Because this style of bed may be at a high level, the addition of side rails can be very important. 

Because there is a danger in falling off the side of a captains bed, safety is crucial. Many accidents have happened form unprotected beds. It is always a good idea to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid a preventable accident.

Importance of Safety Rails

If a platform bed of any type is intended for a child it is always essential to fasten side rails to the bed. Side rails can be easily attached to the side of the bed and come in many different styles. Bed rails come in short versions that are placed in the center of one or both sides of the bed so a child cannot fall out and the half rail will still allow easy access to the bed. Other options that may work better for someone who is a heavy sleeper or moves during sleep, is a longer bed rail that will extend most of or the full length of the bed side. This will ensure safety during sleep. Because a full length bed rail can make access to the mattress a bit more difficult a small ladder can help, or a rail that slides, raises, or lowers in order to have better access. 

If a captains bed will be used for a very young child or toddler higher rails will be necessary to prevent falls from leaning over the rails. They will also need to extend the entire length of the bed on all sides that are not against a wall. 


Even for adults side rails can ensure safety, especially for the elderly. 
Side rails come in wood of many different stains and colors, and are best suited to a wood box frame bed. There are also metal bed rails in a number of color and style options. Plastic is yet another option, and may be similar to the rails on hospital beds. Taking the extra precautions can ensure everyone a peaceful night sleep.

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