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Captain’s Bed Guide

captains bedAvailable in different frame sizes from queen to twin, captain’s beds are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. The captain’s bed is a kind of platform bed that incorporates storage into the construction of the platform. This type of bed is widely used in households with limited space; also it can be incorporated into different interior design plans. Captain’s beds with storage are made by several companies, and they can also be tailor made to suit particular requirements.

Origin of The Name

As indicated by the name, the idea for the design of the captain’s bed originates from the beds utilized on board ships. All spaces on a ship are important, thus a standalone bed will be extremely impractical. Elevating a bed on a stand and adding drawers or shelving for storage beneath the bed ensures a more efficient use of the available space. Beds are typically designed as in built on ships, for greater safety and stability, as well as to make the most of available space.

Stand Alone & In-Built

A captain’s bed within a household might be a standalone, or in built. In built beds offer less flexibility with regard to room arrangements, however they can be extremely stable, and might be more appropriate for certain types of design. Within a studio, for example, it might be good to have an in built bed within an alcove that can be shut for privacy. Within a bigger household, a standalone furniture piece that can be moved might be more appropriate, as it allows homeowners to arrange their bedrooms to their liking and needs.
The drawers and shelving design beneath a captain’s bed can differ. Some designs provide storage, storage partitions that surround the entire platform, shelving or bins, whilst others offer only basic drawers. Certain models might come with illuminated storage for enhanced visibility; also storage can be incorporated into the footboard and headboard. Storage and shelving can completely enclose the bed in the case of an in built bed. A variation of the standard captain’s bed can comprise a trundle that slides beneath the bed when it is not being utilized.


Aside from being practical, the captain’s bed is exceptionally sturdy and solid. This can be highly beneficial for heavy individuals who might not feel completely safe in frame beds, as well as for a bed utilized within an area that is vulnerable to earthquakes. Also, because this type of bed can be custom made, the design can be modified to add features such as a hidden safe for valuables, or a shoe bin for storing shoes.

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