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Washing Pillow Sheets

The importance of regularly cleaning your pillow sheets cannot be overstated. One of the reasons pillow sheets should always be clean is that the sheets and beddings can become a prime target for critters like dust mites if the pillow sheets are not cleaned properly and frequently enough. Besides, regular cleaning of pillow sheets will remove any stains, odors, and ... Read More »

Solid Wood vs Particle Board

Particle wood is made to look like real wood and especially when covered by wood veneer finish, which masks the guts. However, despite emulating real wood in appearance, its strengths and weaknesses are different from that of real wood. It is used as an affordable option to the expensive wood furniture due to its appearance resemblance to that of real ... Read More »

Benefits of Loft Beds

loft bed with tent

You should consider installing a loft bed whether you are relocating to a new home or you are merely giving your child’s bedroom a makeover. A loft bed has it’s major differences from a captain’s bed. There are spaces for storage but they are certainly not under the bed. The loft bed adds usable space as well as practicality to ... Read More »

Loft Bed Guide

kids loft bed

When your kids are up and running, sturdy beds, good quality mattresses and box springs will give their growing body the support they need to rest comfortably, and the beds will survive the occasional kids’ monkey jumping. If your space is limited, consider buying loft beds as they feature playing area underneath them, desks as well as storage area. Some ... Read More »

Captain’s Bed Guide

captains bed

Available in different frame sizes from queen to twin, captain’s beds are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. The captain’s bed is a kind of platform bed that incorporates storage into the construction of the platform. This type of bed is widely used in households with limited space; also it can be incorporated into different interior design plans. Captain’s beds ... Read More »