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On this website, we focus on two different types of beds, the Captain’s Bed and the Loft Bed.

captains bedsCaptain’s Beds

Almost all of us have seen the bed with lots of drawers underneath the mattresses for storage. This design is known as Captain’s bed. Again, this is available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. These are available in both adult and children’s sizes. These can have multiple drawers all around the perimeter or drawers on only one side. 

Additional rows of drawers can always be added to the adult versions for greater storage but that adds to the overall height of the bed. Most of the children’s versions of this type come with one row of drawers and are of normal height. There are also some versions available in the market with a height of 4 feet or more and have up to 4 rows of drawers.

Kids Loft BedsLoft Beds

These types of beds are best for rooms with limited space. These can be thought of as a variation of a bunk bed. The only difference is that the lower bed is replaced by a storage space. The sleeping space is still on the upper side with a ladder to get to it. The lower area can be used for various activities such as a work area, play area or as a storage space. 

Another advantage of this design is that it works well even for grown-up kids. However, one needs to keep in mind in various considerations such as size of the mattress, bed height and ladder style, while deciding on a particular type.

A Perfect Guide For Beds

Kid’s beds not only make the room look inviting but also add a certain charm to the space. These also help in developing good sleeping habits for the kids. There are a lot of choices available for kid’s beds, today. There are a lot of designers and a lot of manufacturers who make beds in all kinds of shapes, sizes and themes. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to buy the perfect bed for kids without a little help. In this buying guide for kid’s beds, we will discuss everything you need to know about kid’s beds.

Kid’s beds are very important for sound sleep of kids. As mentioned above, the beds and mattresses do affect the sleeping habits of the kids. Therefore, it is essential for the parents to pay close attention while deciding on buying the perfect bed for their kids. As described above, there are many different kinds of beds available today and parent should pick up a bed that is perfect for their kids.

The first goal of any kind of kid’s furniture is that it should meet the expectations of the kid. Take our word; if your kid does not like the bed, it is going to be a big problem for you. Ultimately, your kid should be happy with the choice. Other than kid’s preferences, a kid’s bed needs to be chosen based on the height, weight and age of the child.

Types of Kids Beds

As mentioned above, there are lots of choices available today. Also, many people use beds as an additional storage space. The most popular types of beds available for kids today are:

    • Captain’s Bed
    • Loft Bed

Frame Material

A wide variety of material is used to construct the frame of a bed. Most of the people like the frame to be made of metal, wood and leather. Wooden bed frames are very popular as these suit both the contemporary and the traditional surroundings. Most of the bed frames make use of pine, maple, oak, mahogany, walnut and other types of woods. Also, these woods are available in different shades and textures.

Metal bed frames are also quite popular with buyers. These are very sturdy and are usually bought for their durability. These bed frames are available in a number of finishes.

Leather bed frames are made from both faux and genuine leather. These are also available in a wide variety of colors and the popular color options in leather bed frames include black, brown and beige.